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Families of individuals with disabilities face many challenges. Many have raised children without the assistance of government funded programs, but have reached the point where they need outside help. Others have been involved with school-based and community-based programs for many years, but have difficulty navigating the maze of 

supports, especially in recent years as funding has diminished and staff turnover has increased. And many eldery caregivers have reached the point where they must begin contemplating the transition of responsibility to other family members, and do not know where to begin.

Staff at Adirondack Case Management & Advocacy LLC: Helps identify the programs and services which are the most appropriate for the individual with a disability

Reviews Individualized Education Plans (IEPs) and Individualized Service Plans (ISPs) to determine whether approved services are meeting the needs of the individual and the overall objectives of the family

Collaborates with family members and provider agency staff to identify areas where private dollars can be used to enhance care and services that may be available through one or more government benefit programs

Works with family members and agency staff to plan the transition of advocacy from one generation to the next