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Disability service providers face a daunting task. The need for services for individuals with disabilities continues to grow, yet at the same time funding for services – and primarily Medicaid funding – continues to shrink. As a result, agencies are asked to do more with less, which can result in increasing caseloads and high levels of staff turnover. While most agencies are able to successfully navigate the

challenges of a rapidly evolving service delivery system, they also recognize that the best result for an individual with a disability comes from a healthy collaboration between the agency, the individual, and the individual’s family members or other advocates. We at Adirondack Case Management & Advocacy LLC work to support this collaboration.

Staff at Adirondack Case Management & Advocacy LLC: Works with service coordinators and other staff to ensure that individuals with disabilities are taking full advantage of the services that are available through one of the many Medicaid funded waiver programs

Facilitates regular and ongoing communication between the service provider and others who are involved in the life of an individual with a disability, including trustees, guardians and family members

Makes recommendations on how best to use funds held by guardians and trustees to supplement Medicaid funded care in a manner which does not impact ongoing eligibility for benefits